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Canadian Down & Feather

800 Loft Hutterite White Down Duvet

800 Loft Hutterite White Down Duvet

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🛌 Luxurious Comfort: Experience exceptional insulation with high-quality 800 loft duck down from Alberta Hutterites.

🇨🇦 Made in Canada: Crafted with care in Canada.

🔲 Baffle Box Construction: Prevents shifting for consistent comfort.

🔢 500 Thread Count: Ensures durability and a soft touch.

🌬️ 100% Cotton Shell: Promotes breathability for a comfortable sleep.

⚪ Corner Loops: Provides secure placement to keep your duvet in place.

🛡️ Hypoallergenic & Anti-microbial: Ideal for sensitive sleepers, ensuring a clean and healthy sleep environment.

Size: Queen
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Discover the Comfort of Feather-Filled Bedding

Superior Comfort

Plush, luxurious feel that conforms to your body

Excellent Insulation

Warm in winter, cool in summer.


Promotes airflow and prevents overheating


Suitable for allergy sufferers

Feather Bedding Benefits


noted improved temperature regulation with feather bedding.


experienced fewer allergy symptoms with feather bedding.


preferred the comfort of feather bedding over synthetic options


appreciated the natural mold of feather bedding to their body

Indulge in the luxury of feather bedding, cherished for its superior comfort and breathability. Join the countless others who experience better sleep and lasting support with this popular choice.