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Series 6000 Mattress

Series 6000 Mattress

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Series 6000 Mattress Premium Rebonded Foam Mattress ensures a good night's rest all at an affordable price.

The secret lies in the advanced rebonded foam technology that fills every inch of this mattress.

Rebonded foam, made from recycled foam scraps, offers enhanced durability and support.

It combines the best properties of various foams, providing a firm yet comfortable sleep surface that adapts to your body, reducing pressure points and enhancing comfort.

Features You'll Love
Premium Rebonded Foam Construction: Provides support and comfort.
Pressure Relief: Reduces pressure points.
Durable Design: Rebonded foam ensures long-lasting comfort and support.
Affordable Sleep: Without breaking the bank.
Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled foam, contributing to a more sustainable environment.
Quilted Top


Thickness: 6 inches
Materials: High-quality rebonded foam

Size: Twin

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